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The Crisis Management Centre – Animal Health (CMC-AH)

The CMC-AH is a joint OIE-FAO mechanism to provide rapid technical advice and support to countries requesting assistance with animal disease crises. This technical assistance is provided by a CMC-AH multidisciplinary expert team which is deployed to a country following a specific request. The CMC-AH was initially established in response to the rapid global spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1; however in recent times missions have been triggered by other aquatic and terrestrial animal health disease events. Collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) is an important part of the response when animal health crises involve zoonoses (infectious diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people).

Operations and logistics are managed from FAO Headquarters in Rome and expert support is provided by OIE and FAO’s network of expertise including OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres. The CMC-AH links with other OIE, FAO and WHO mechanisms including OIE-PVS Pathway and the tripartite Global Early Warning and Response System for Major Animal Diseases, including Zoonoses (GLEWS). ( - Download Porn FileBoom