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The OIE is redesigning and upgrading WAHIS to a technologically advanced yet user-friendly form with many previously unavailable features. We call this new platform WAHIS+. The core of the system will be completed in 2019, and it will continue to evolve, allowing users to take advantage of a modern and dynamic platform to report their animal health situation.


The refreshed and renovated WAHIS platform will make it easier for users to collect and report information – and upload data from their own databases. The new interface will also allow for data to be viewed, analysed and extracted more rapidly and in different formats. Other features of the platform will include the following:

  • WAHIS+ will provide high-quality and reliable geospatial data, which will enable OIE Member Countries to undertake comprehensive risk analyses.
  • Data from WAHIS+ will be usable in a variety of analytic programmes.
  • Maps will be interactive, allowing for dynamic display of information on animal diseases.
  • The WAHIS Alerts mobile application will be updated to allow faster dissemination of disease alerts and instant access to them.
  • WAHIS+ will provide straightforward and standardized ways to interconnect with other international or regional information systems and integrate other valuable data sources, so that users can share and mutually enrich data in collaboration with OIE stakeholders.
  • The platform will be enhanced to allow for extended data mining, with automatic tools for extraction.
  • The genomic data linked to epidemiological data in WAHIS+ will strengthen disease traceability and contribute to analyses on genetic epidemiology.

WAHIS+ will be a nimble and flexible platform, built to evolve as novel information technologies are developed or international standards change.

Governance mechanisms

The WAHIS+ project has established a solid operational management with its dedicated project team, which includes a Project Leader, a Business Project Manager and an IT Project Manager. Given that WAHIS is a major pillar of the OIE mandate to the global community, the OIE has in addition defined a specific governance for the WAHIS+ project, through four different committees involving a large range of users and partners:

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